DA-2M Part number: DA2M


DA-2M Part number: DA2M

The US Audio DA-2M is professional quality two channel  analog audio distribution amplifier.

  • Type: Active
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Product Description

Each channel has four electronically balanced XLR line level outputs with individual volume controls and clip indicators. The input for each channel can be either mic or line level on Neutrik combo connectors.

Input features include mic/line level input switches, variable input gain controls, low cut switches for reducing low frequency rumble or wind noise, four segment headroom indicators and 48 V phantom power that is turned off when the input is used in line mode. The front panel COMBINE switch converts the DA-2M from two 1X4 distribution amps to a 2×8 distribution amp with the two inputs combining to feed all eight outputs.¬† This provides the capability of having both a line and a mic input simultaneously.

A headphone circuit allows signal monitoring of each input in mono or listening to both channels in a stereo mode.


Dimensions (LxWxH): 22x10x5*

Weight (lbs): 7.5*

*shipping dimensions